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UHS Build 12261 – Goalies Be Shakin’ in the Dark

October 5th, 2017 by Stone

We add two new features to the system with this build: Team Shake-ups and Goalie Empty-Net controls. We’ve also fully completed making the Public Site responsive, meaning you should be able to view your league’s public site on any device or screen size. The site is made for mobile first and expands outwards from there.

We’ve made a number of changes to the css styling of the public site, so if things look wrong, the best thing to do is to hit CTRL-F5 to force a full refresh. If that doesn’t work you can try clearing your browser’s cache. After that, let us know. You may have found a bug we missed in testing.

Our focus will likely be on making the regular UHS site fully responsive. I will tell you that will be a very big task and likely take up to 5 or 6 months. It would probably take us longer but we have learned a lot from converting the Public Site to being responsive.


Team Shake-Ups
When firing a coach, the GM has the option to shake-up that team’s players. This option is available only once per season for that particular team (Pro or Farm). Essentially the GM will have the option to perform two shake-ups in a season: once for each the Pro and Farm teams. This option is ONLY available if the GM is firing a coach; you would not have the option to shakeup your Farm team if you promote your Farm coach to the Pro team, however, you would have the option to shakeup your Pro team since you are firing the Pro coach.

When a shakeup is allowed, the players on that team have their Streaks recalculated randomly. The chances are: 40% Hot streak (3 – 9 games), 10% Cold streak (1 – 5 games), 50% No streak. The new streak overrides whatever streak the player is currently on. For example a player that is already on a Hot streak could still get a new Hot streak but won’t get the games added on and it’s also certainly possible that a player on a Hot streak could suddenly find themselves with no streak or on a Cold streak.

Goalie Empty-Net / Extra Attacker Settings
GMs now have the ability to modify their team’s empty-net / extra attacker settings. You will be able to modify the goal difference your team is losing by as well the time remaining in the game. The goal difference will be 0 – 3 goals, with 2 being the default. Setting the goal difference to 0 will prevent your goalie from being pulled at all.

The time options are in increments of 15 seconds, with the default being 1m 30s (90 seconds) left in the game. You can set this up to a maximum of 3 minutes (180 seconds). If the goal difference is set to 0, it won’t matter what the time option is set to: your goalie will not be pulled.

Public Site Team Pages
All Public Site Team Pages have been updated to be responsive (ie. The data on the page should look good regardless of media device or screen size.) These pages were not fully optimized for responsiveness when the new Public Sites went live. If you are seeing any issues with your Public Site, please let us know.

Public Sites Go Dark
We now have a “Dark Theme” for public sites. To enable, simply go to your public site, go to the UHS navigation menu, click “Go Dark”. Once you’re in Dark Mode you can re-enable the default light theme by navigating to the same location and click “Go Light”.

Public Site Live Games
The Live Games show on Public Sites should now be fully responsive (meaning you should be able to watch them reasonably well on any device). We’ve updated the page to add the teams’ logos and made sure the Live Game mode looks reasonably decent with the Dark Theme.

Player Profile Age Rerate Fix – Hotfix: Oct.1 2017
We’ve updated the player profile’s rerate information (for age-based rerates only) to now show the player’s rerate percentages based on their current age and the current progress of the team through the current regular season.

The values were actually showing their rerate values as if they were a year younger. Additionally the leadership bonus was based on when the team played half their regular season games, so effectively the leadership bonus would be 0% until the pro team played half the season. The leadership bonus will now apply at all times and is a PROJECTION based on players that have played at least half the team’s current regular season games. Reminder: the Leadership Bonus is only applied to players marked as Pro (played more Pro games than Farm + Junior).

NHL Players w/ Injuries – Hotfix: Sept.24 2017
We’ve changed how UHS handles NHL players with injuries. Previously, we simply removed the player from the team and had them placed in free agency, however, this meant any team could then pick them up, despite being injured.

We will now keep the player on the team but have them set to be injured for 99 games. Once the real team takes the player off the injured reserve list (again, going by the data on CapFriendly.com), we’ll unset the injury. If you want to use the player anyway, you can still go in and edit their injured games back to 0.

This change takes effect for new leagues or leagues importing NHL Teams w/ players or leagues importing NHL Players individually. It will not change the injury status of NHL Players that already exist in your league.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
– Team Names and Logos will now link to that team’s Home Page for Public Sites.
– Public Site League Standings now show less information on small screen sizes.
– Fixed an issue where Team logos were not appearing for the League – Special Teams statistics page for some leagues.
– Fixed an issue where Games Results in public sites were showing OT goals despite the game being decided by a shootout.

Hot Fixes
– Changes were made to Public Site’s Team Personnel pages to prevent columns from being hidden underneath the Social section on the right side. These changes include: removing the Status column, changing the Jersey header name to #, and moving the Total / OV column to appear at the beginning of the player’s characteristics block. Hotfix: Sept.19 2017.
– Fixed an issue where the Home, Away and Last-10 records were not summing properly. OTW & SOW will count as Wins, OTL & SOL will count as Losses in these columns. Hotfix: Sept.26 2017.
– Fixed an issue where COMs could not import NHL players when creating / importing NHL Teams. Hotfix: Oct.4 2017.

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