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UHS Build 15558 – The New Normal

UHS Build 15558 – May 31 2019 Congratulations to Boston and St.Louis for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals! As referenced in the previous build, future builds are going to very small going forward. While I’m aiming to get a build out once a month, I cannot guarantee that. Unfortunately this is the new normal. Something […]

UHS Build 15519 – Maintenance Mode: Thank You For All Your Support!

UHS Build 15519 – April 24 2019 The plan for this build was to release an in-system method for handling league All-Star Voting. At the time of this release I’d say I’m about half-way done. It’s taken nearly 4 months to get to this point, which is far too long since the last build was released. […]

UHS Build 15300 – Hold Outs, Captains & Alternates, Oh My!

UHS Build 15300 – January 2019 The last build was back in July. YIKES! The initial plan was to blueprint out Captains & Alternates in August (which did happen) but then I got caught up with my other responsibilities in World of Warcraft. Sept & Oct merged to get me focused on BlizzCon, then BlizzCon […]

NHL Rosters Updated

The 2018-19 NHL season is just around the corner: we’re so very excited to be able to watch the best hockey in the world. With the NHL season nigh, the cataclysmic Karlsson trade kicked us in the pants to go do a NHL Roster update. We’ve used the amnesiac roster build (for NHL09) and converted […]

UHS Build 15129 – Nuts & Bolts

UHS Build 15129  – July 2018 This is primarily a technical upgrade build to reflect the hotfixes that were pushed out since the last build. We did a new Premium feature, Assign All to All-Star Team, which should greatly speed up the population of all-star team rosters for Premium leagues. The plan is to go […]

UHS Build 15010 – Happy Responsive Canada Day!

UHS Build 15010  – June 2018 Huge update! While it may not look like as big of a change from when UHS went ‘dark’, the fact that we’ve touched every single page to make it responsive and made our data queries more efficient means that, even behind-the-scenes, this is a huge change. I’m surprised it […]

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