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UHS Build 15519 – Maintenance Mode: Thank You For All Your Support!

UHS Build 15519 – April 24 2019 The plan for this build was to release an in-system method for handling league All-Star Voting. At the time of this release I’d say I’m about half-way done. It’s taken nearly 4 months to get to this point, which is far too long since the last build was released. […]

UHS Build 15300 – Hold Outs, Captains & Alternates, Oh My!

UHS Build 15300 – January 2019 The last build was back in July. YIKES! The initial plan was to blueprint out Captains & Alternates in August (which did happen) but then I got caught up with my other responsibilities in World of Warcraft. Sept & Oct merged to get me focused on BlizzCon, then BlizzCon […]

NHL Rosters Updated

The 2018-19 NHL season is just around the corner: we’re so very excited to be able to watch the best hockey in the world. With the NHL season nigh, the cataclysmic Karlsson trade kicked us in the pants to go do a NHL Roster update. We’ve used the amnesiac roster build (for NHL09) and converted […]

UHS Build 15129 – Nuts & Bolts

UHS Build 15129  – July 2018 This is primarily a technical upgrade build to reflect the hotfixes that were pushed out since the last build. We did a new Premium feature, Assign All to All-Star Team, which should greatly speed up the population of all-star team rosters for Premium leagues. The plan is to go […]

UHS Build 15010 – Happy Responsive Canada Day!

UHS Build 15010  – June 2018 Huge update! While it may not look like as big of a change from when UHS went ‘dark’, the fact that we’ve touched every single page to make it responsive and made our data queries more efficient means that, even behind-the-scenes, this is a huge change. I’m surprised it […]

UHS Build 12529 – Does Copying Leagues Violate the GDPR?

UHS Build 12529 – May 2018 It’s been a bit since the last build release. This one required a lot of work around savepoint management as we needed to be able to make a full copy / backup of a league before allowing you to actually copy another person’s league. That’s right, you can now […]

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