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Standard UHS Leagues are free to create and use. After your email address is validated it generally takes 24 hours to set up your league. If you have not received any email from us, please check your Junk Mail folder.

League creation is solely at our discretion. Typically we do not create leagues named after the NHL or other things that appear weird (like company names, etc). If you think your league was not created because of this reason, please contact us immediately.

While UHS is free, there are some features that are available only through a Premium subscription. All new leagues are granted a brief Premium trial.

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Do you want your league to come preloaded with NHL teams or would you like a clean slate?

Selecting NHL will add all current NHL teams, their players, the current conference / divisional alignment as well as their most recent full-length schedule.

Please remember, you can always wipe out all your NHL teams afterwards to start with a clean slate.

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