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About UHS

Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS) is a culmination of over 30 years of experience in fantasy hockey. I played HLS, HLS2, WGH3, EA Sports' franchise for the Genesis. It was clear that some pretty glaring bugs were never going to be fixed in HLS2, so instead of buying a license for EHM or FHLSim, I decided to make my own.

So with some PHP, MySQL and a little Javascript, we created UHS. The original design was literally just a bunch of links on a white page. We've gone through some pretty major overhauls as my knowledge in programming and design grew. There will never be an "end" in terms of development as I'm always figuring out new things to add or learning better or more efficient methods to handle the code. We are leaps and bounds past that original design.

Our newest re-design has been focused more on making sure the site is responsive, meaning it can be used on any device or screen size. We will continue to add new features and enhancements that you want. If there's anything you'd like to see added or improved on, please reach out to us through email, the forums or even discord.


UHS would NEVER been where it is now (or at least not without a lot more time and testing on my own) if not for the contributions of these special people:

Jon Lau: Significant contributions include: UHS Instant Messaging, Retirement Logic, Re-rate Logic, AutoGM Logic and generally being an intelligent guy that can work through my weird logic / ideas.

TJHL: The-James Hockey League was intentionally created to carry out tests for UHS in its previous incarnations. If not for the solid GMs we've had (both past and present), UHS would not have been able to make it over some of the hurdles it did. Thank you for your PATIENCE and dedication. It's greatly appreciated!.

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