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UHS will always remain free, however, we do need to be able to cover server costs. Relying on donations or charity definitely doesn't cover our server costs. So what we're doing is moving some of the quality of life features into a premium package. You will not need these to use UHS but they are certainly nice to have and is well worth what we're asking.

Premium access will get your ENTIRE LEAGUE access to these features:

  • AutoGM - Let UHS take control of the teams when you don't have enough people to be GM.
  • Create Up to 5 SavePoints - Premium leagues are allowed to create up to five savepoints.
  • Fix All Roster & Line Errors - with one click, fix team roster & line errors instead of having to click on each one and doing it manually.
  • Make All Draft Picks - want to complete the draft faster? This is the way to go. One click and the draft is done!
  • Queue Sim Jobs - Want to sim all the games at once? This option lets you gain access to our sim jobs that run once a minute. Queue them up and sit back while they get simmed.
  • Live Game Mode - You can watch the play by play for the game as its being played!
  • Upload Logos - You can now upload your league and team logos to fully customize your league.
  • Auto Lines - It can take a little time to figure out your line combination or you can let UHS do it for you with one click!
  • Save Lines - If you want to save some line combinations, now you can!
  • GM Auto Draft List - Now you can create your draft lists with one click instead of manually adding each player.
  • Personnel - Mass Actions - if you have a bunch of players you need to move up or down to the Pro, Farm or Juniors, you can now select the ones you want move and send them off!
  • NO ADS! - That's right... now you don't need to use an ad blocker, because we'll remove the ads for you and your whole league!

So you can see that while you can still use UHS for free, the features we're offering for Premium really are quite nice!

The good thing about this is that anyone in your league can unlock Premium for the league. You don't need to be an Owner or Commissioner, even your GMs can unlock Premium features for everyone!

Each month that a user subscribes will grant the league 31 days of Premium access. If multiple users in the same league are subscribed, the Premium access will increase by 31 days for EACH USER that subscribed... so 3 users subscribing will grant 93 days of Premium access, and so on.

All Premium Service subscriptions are for that individual league and are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. Premium Service subscriptions are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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