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Donations and Thank Yous!

With the recent completion of our KickStarter, I thought it would be great to have a page dedicated to those who have contributed financially to UHS.

If you could like to donate, please feel free to do so. All money will go towards either paying for server costs (~ $220USD / month) or purchasing items / services to improve UHS overall.

  1. Cameron Murphy - Aug.2017
  2. Thakurjit Saggu - Jul.2017
  3. Thakurjit Saggu - Feb.2016
  4. Cameron Murphy - Jan.2016
  5. Cameron Murphy - Nov.2016

KickStarter Contributions - July/August 2014
Target: $100
Actual: $126

I'm very happy to be able to get anything to help keep UHS going and I was very surprised to actually be able to meet our target. Big thank you to everyone who pledged!

1. Matt Forbes - $50
2. James Burey - $25
3. Luke Meiboom - $25
4. Melvin James - $25
5. Callum Williams - $1