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Build History 2007

UHS went live October 12 2005. Changes that were made from then to January 22 2006 were not documented. We also did not start using Build Numbers until August 3 2008. Besides the initial changes, you can read through pretty much all of the changes that UHS has undergone since it was created. It's been quite a ride.

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VERSION: 2007.12.23
- Added more play by play comments in preparation for the Live Game Feed.
- Began adding live mode code.
- if in Live Mode, details are saved to Live Game Details tables until cron job runs.

VERSION: 2007.12.22
- Added Team Medical attributes to the simulator.
- imported attributes from teams table.
- players suspended are not affected by medical attributes.

VERSION: 2007.12.20
- Adding All-Star game functionality into the simulator.
- Will allow COM to sim an unlimited number of all-star games.
- All-Star games are always tacked onto the end of the regular season schedule (if one exists).
- All-Star games are always Regular season, regardless of what the season type is
- There will never be injuries for all-star games.

VERSION: 2007.11.17
- Added code to Play-By-Play to show name of player serving goalie penalty.

VERSION: 2007.11.11
- Fixed bug where penalties given due to injuries were not being shown in penalty summary.

VERSION: 2007.11.10
- Fixed division by zero warnings.

VERSION: 2007.11.04
- Fixed bug in Schedule update that didn't look at the game type.

VERSION: 2007.10.15
- Converted testgame.php over into new sim engine
- Removed AutoPlay functionality.

VERSION: 2007.09.28
- Fixed a bug that marked all playoff games for a team as Not Needed when a series was completed.

VERSION: 2007.08.19
- Added a +10% to a shot if the player is on a penalty shot.

VERSION: 2007.08.11
- Fixed a bug where a player's penalty time would be decreased if there was already another player in the penalty box. This bug would only happen if the two players needed to be switched due to penalty times.
- Fixed a bug where the home goalie's game stats were not being saved correctly for MajorPenTaken, SSG, DKG. Instead it was saving it in this order: SSG, DKG, Major.

VERSION: 2007.08.08
- Commented out the delete game lines code when a player is either injured or suspended.

VERSION: 2007.07.25
- Modified injury, streak, and play by play report strings for easier display in UHS game detail calls.

VERSION: 2007.07.23
- Fixed bug that stored the incorrect face off percentage for visiting teams that played in their first game.

VERSION: 2007.07.12
- Added GameDetails for Penalty, Reports, Scoring.

VERSION: 2007.07.09
- Added GameDetails saves for Financials, GoalieStats, PlayerStats, Team, and ThreeStars. Need to add saves for Penalty, Reports, Scoring.

VERSION: 2007.07.08
- Fixed a bug where Major Penalties were not being recorded for home team players for season stats.
- Fixed a bug where Major&Game penalties were being assigned to the substituted player.

VERSION: 2007.07.04
- Added condition to Activity Report so that injuries or suspensions only get recorded for Pro or Farm players.
- Fixed bug in Activity Report that didn't show the injury victim when a suspension was handed out.

VERSION: 2007.07.01
- Fixed a bug where the injured player names were not being displayed correctly.

VERSION: 2007.06.28
- Added ActivityReport inserts for retirements.
- Added ActivityReport inserts for sustaining injury and receiving suspension.
- Added ActivityReport inserts for players returning from injury or suspension.
- Fixed gap where goalie would suffer fatigue injury of 1-8 games instead of 1 to X games (X = difference of GP over FA).

VERSION: 2007.06.26
- Completed adding random play-by-play lines up to goalie saves. Majority of play-by-play lines now have at least 5 random blurbs.

VERSION: 2007.06.25
- Began adding random play-by-play lines for each entry. Completed up to line 9483.

VERSION: 2007.06.09
- Added descriptions to player injuries.

VERSION: 2007.06.07
- Changed the GAA calculation if a goalie played in less than 1 minute on line 29558.
- error shown: Warning: Division by zero in /home/hockeys/public_html/uhs/testgame.php on line 29558

VERSION: 2007.06.06
- Added code to update the PlayOffData table if the game is set in the playoffs.

VERSION: 2007.03.27
- Fixed bug that didn't change a player if he was injured because the line change timer was still less than thirty seconds.

VERSION: 2007.03.26
- Fixed bug that showed a substituted player name in the play-by-play when the goalie got into a fight.

VERSION: 2007.03.24
- Fixed bug that allowed a player to assist on his own goal on a breakaway pass.

VERSION: 2007.03.15
- Fixed bug that didn't swap a player's position if two players were in the penalty box.

VERSION: 2007.03.04
- Removed fix for bug for custom line changes occurring after a face-off. This caused the first line to be put out for every face off.

VERSION: 2007.03.01
- Added code to allow injury games to be tracked

VERSION: 2007.02.27
- Fixed bug for custom line changes occuring after a face-off. Old code was used.
- Fixed a looping face-off bug where it couldn't find a player to take the face-off and would time out.
- Added code to force a line change if the LastAdv changed from the current ManAdv

VERSION: 2007.02.24
- Fixed bug for home minor penalties where the report would show a blank name.

VERSION: 2007.02.22
- Fixed revenue typo... used 0.65 when I should have used 1.65.
- Fixed bug that saw a 3-Line custom lineup change from EV5x to EV3x.
- Fixed bug that saw the home team goalie not get reported for a minor penalty even though he does get charged appropriately.

VERSION: 2007.02.20
- Fixed bug that ddn't add the additional 65% of revenue from concession stands to a home team's revenue.
- Fixed bug where farm player stats weren't getting updated correctly. Game stats were good but Total Season stats were not getting updated.

VERSION: 2007.02.19
- Fixed bug that saw a team repeatedly shift off even though they hadn't been on for 30 seconds. Added code to force a team to remain on the ice for a minimum of 30 seconds.
- Added a </B> and <BR> to the end of a goalie making a save on a penalty shot

VERSION: 2007.02.17
- Fixed bug that saw custom lines think there was a 2-man advantage when there was only one player off. Had to do with the homeplayer and visplayer counts in custom lines for when a line changed.

VERSION: 2007.02.14
- Fixed bug that saw custom lines continually think there was a 2-man advantage. Changed the player checker from on-ice check to check how many players were in the box.

VERSION: 2007.02.06
- Fixed bug about a pro team's revenue. Farm revenue of $90,000 was being used instead of the team ticket price multiplied by the game attendance.

VERSION: 2007.02.05
- Added code to force a five-on-five if there is a fight involving two players. Updated the penalty management section so that when the penalties expire, the two players will not shift on until the next line change.
- Added code to give $90,000 in revenue to the pro team for every home game the farm team plays.
- Fixed bug where a powerplay would go on forever.

VERSION: 2007.01.31
- Fixed a bug with Tipped Shots and Phantom Goals.

VERSION: 2007.01.29
- Added tracking of checks given, checks avoided, major penalties taken, slapshot goals scored, slapshot goals allowed, deke goals scored, deke goals allowed, number of games injured on a seasonal basis. This new code is added to enhance the rerate revamp due for season 8.

VERSION: 2007.01.19
- Updated the attendance generation code to only look at arenas if it is a pro league game being played.

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