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Build History 2006

UHS went live October 12 2005. Changes that were made from then to January 22 2006 were not documented. We also did not start using Build Numbers until August 3 2008. Besides the initial changes, you can read through pretty much all of the changes that UHS has undergone since it was created. It's been quite a ride.

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VERSION: 2006.12.15
- Updated the code to reflect changes in how Arenas and seats data are handled. A new table was added instead of keeping the data stored in the finances table. Arenas are now handled as separate entities.

VERSION: 2006.11.04
- Corrected a bug that didn't reset a player's goal, assist, or point streak if they didn't score any points.

VERSION: 2006.10.30
- Fixed some of the All-Star game code so that All-Star stats are properly saved.
- Increased the shooting percentage to a base of 20% if the simulator is running an All-Star game.

VERSION: 2006.10.05
- Fixed bug where a penalty would be negated after an even-strength goal was scored. In the case of coincidental minor penalties, the entire penalty should be served.

VERSION: 2006.09.23
- Fixed bug where penalty shot goal would be awarded to a home player instead of an away player.

VERSION: 2006.09.06
- Fixed bug with Coach game stats not being saved to the table.

VERSION: 2006.09.04
- Added a rudimentary version of a Play-By-Play text commentary for GMs to see what's happening in the game. Still need to add more commentary on other events, penalties, etc as well as use random phrases so the same sentences aren't repeated over and over.
- Added basic statements for the remaining game events: penalties, shift changes, icing, etc.

VERSION: 2006.09.03
- Removed all references to an OnIceHome/Vis player being labelled as "Lock". This was an old piece of code that was used to help determine whether a position was locked due to a penalty.
- Changed the debugger to save results to a file instead of printing to screen. Will cut down on sim times when debugging is selected.

VERSION: 2006.09.01
- Added more debugging code to display currently player fatigue and shot block rolls. - Streamlined the face-off code to be more efficient.

VERSION: 2006.08.30
- Fixed bug that would not change the puck location if icing was called.
- Added restriction to shot tips... shots were being tipped from everywhere. Shot can now only be tipped if the shot is taken in the offensive zone.
- Added restriction to PlayModify so it only affects the shot if it's being taken in the offensive zone.
- Added a SkillModMax variable to control the maximum range of the random roll.
- Added logic to goalie action when the shot is saved.
- Streamlined the Passing logic, variable handling and debug display.
- Streamlined the Shooting logic, variable handling and debug display.

VERSION: 2006.08.29
- Fixed bug in Visitor puck dumping. When a custom line dumps the puck, they gained possession of the puck in the home team's zone instead of the home team gaining possession.

VERSION: 2006.08.27
- Updated game roster table reading so it selects each position and not just reads a data stream.

VERSION: 2006.08.26
- Updated code to reflect streamlining of marquee, injured, and suspended fields in playersname.

VERSION: 2006.08.25
- Added code to capture player scoring streaks and update the record book.

VERSION: 2006.08.18
- Added code to handle a GM's option to use the 4Line system instead of 3Line.

VERSION: 2006.08.17
- Corrected a bug with the icing code that would give the puck back to the team that iced it if the goalie negated icing.
- Added stats for face off percentages and penalty shots to players and goalies.
- When a player is injured he will be be replaced by a player of the same position. It will loop 10 times... if it cannot find a suitable player of the same position it will look for a random player.
- When a player receives a game penalty he will be replaced using the same method as the injury replacement code.

VERSION: 2006.08.16
- Added penalty shot code.

VERSION: 2006.08.15
- Corrected more divide by zero warnings.

VERSION: 2006.08.14 - My 2-year anniversary with Carrie. :) - Added a Breakaway counter to the debugging code.

VERSION: 2006.08.05
- Updated the code to keep an eye out for dividing by zeroes. Changes reflect moving to new host.

VERSION: 2006.08.01
- Fixed a selection gap that allowed defensemen to take face-offs if the centerman was unavailable.
- Fixed a bug in how penalty killing custom lines were being loaded for face-offs.
- Fixed a bug that put the Home PP45 custom line in when the HomePP51 line changed.
- Fixed a bug that gave the puck to a penalized player in a custom line.
- Fixed a bug that subtracted 120 seconds from an existing double-minor penalty if a powerplay goal. The first penalty was not cancelled but was subtracted from the entire penalty time.
- Fixed a three-star selection bug that would not allow the gwg player to be first star even if he was the only player in the hat.
- Fixed a three-star selection bug that would allow a player to be selected more than once.

VERSION: 2006.07.22
- Fixed a bug in the all-star selection that saw the first star selection get deleted when a gwg was not ranked at the bottom of the hat.

VERSION: 2006.07.15
- Updated the Three-Star selection code so that players included in the hat due to having only a gwg will always be ranked at the bottom of the hat.

VERSION: 2006.07.14
- Added goaltender injuries to the code.

VERSION: 2006.07.12
- Fixed a bug with the three-star selections. A goalie that didn't play was selected due to improper handling of the zz variable check.

VERSION: 2006.07.07
- Changing the simulator to load playerids from the game roster tables instead of PlayerID numbers.

VERSION: 2006.07.01
- Adding coaches into the simulator. If a team doesn't have a coach there will be no effect. Coaches are only searched for if the teams are Pro level.

VERSION: 2006.06.27
- Fixed an attendance bug with the new target revenue code. The salaries were in millions, not in dollars, so the multiplier was amazingly small.

VERSION: 2006.06.25
- Bug identified where the location would not change when there was a face-off after an off-side. Changed code slightly to hopefully correct this error.
- Augmented attendance code to look at target revenue against the ticket price.

VERSION: 2006.06.21
- Added Three-Stars code to look for and display the games three-stars.

VERSION: 2006.06.12
- Added code to check for winning streaks within a team's unbeaten streak and update the Record Book as needed.

VERSION: 2006.06.11
- Fixed a bug that prevented a team's streak from updating the RecordBook.

VERSION: 2006.06.08
- Added an All-Star indicator for the all-star game.

VERSION: 2006.06.04
- Added lock so that only users logged in with Lock greater than 10 can execute the simulator.

VERSION: 2006.05.27
- Added debugging for shot totals when a shot is tipped. There is a bug that moves a player's shot total to -1.

VERSION: 2006.05.13
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player making the breakaway pass to actually take the breakaway shot. This resulted in a goalie getting a goal in the TJHL. Girard - Mount Pearl Season 4 Game 16.

VERSION: 2006.05.10
- Fixed a bug that allowed an injured or eliminated player (game penalty) to come back on the ice if a team was using custom lines. If another player got injured, a random player was selected to take his place regardless of whether the player was injured or serving a game penalty. The code now checks for injury or penalty for substitutions.

VERSION: 2006.04.30
- Fixed a bug that caused the simulator to loop into infinity when replacing an injured player on a custom line.
- Added error reporting if a query fails on the player stat inserts and updates. Evidence that player stats wasn't updated properly.
- Fixed a bug (syntax) that prevented Away Skater stats from being updated and/or recorded.

VERSION: 2006.04.29
- Added face-off stat tracking.

VERSION: 2006.04.28
- Changed how a player action is determined. Previously actions were determined by location. Actions are now determined based on the skills of the player.

VERSION: 2006.04.18
- Revamped the debugger to show only relevant information from each stage. Allows the game to output much faster if the debugging option is selected.

VERSION: 2006.03.31
- Fixed Visitor Powerplay Percentage bug. Team Standing PP Pct was being calculated by the game PPPct and not the complete total of PPG / PPA for the team.

VERSION: 2006.03.28
- Added code to show custom line that is on the ice when a goal is scored.
- Continuing to test farm/junior integration.

VERSION: 2006.03.18
- Updated Code to reflect Junior and Farm league integration.

VERSION: 2006.03.17 - happy saint patty's day!
- Added code to update RecordBook with team streaks.
- Added "Saves" to exported goalie stats.
- Added exported stats for home and away team standings.

VERSION: 2006.03.12
- Added Player Chemistry affects. Chemistry is calculated during each pass. Modifiers to shooting, passing, skating, penalties and injuries are applied based on how close the person is to the line's average. Tested and Passed.
- Added Height and Weight factors into determining Passing results (check def only), Skaing results, Shooting results (slapshot only). Tested and Passed.
- Added code to record individual game stats for players and goalies.

VERSION: 2006.02.19
- Fixed Game Penalty bug. With custom line-ups the search for the PlayerID number was not looking at the correct FOR LOOP. Added additional checking logic to ensure proper checks are returned.

VERSION: 2006.02.11
- Fixed injury & game penalty bug. When there is a custom line-up the actual random number was used intead of the PlayerID number.

VERSION: 2006.02.07
- Fixed Injury bug. Player that is injured was not removed from custom lines.

VERSION: 2006.01.25
- Fixed Phantom Goal bug. Used an OR for Simple changes in Customized lines instead of AND.

VERSION: 2006.01.24
- Fixed Coincidental Minor bug. For-loop variables $i and $j were not assigned properly between Home and Vis.

VERSION: 2006.01.22
- Added Team Goal Difference Goalie Switch option.
- Forwards are allowed to play any other forward position. If they are not playing in their natural position a hard-coded negative modifier of -2 is applied to face-off, skating, passing, and shooting skill checks.
- Added Coincidental Minor Penalties and changed penalty checks to a percentage.
- Added Game, Game & Major penalties to culprit on player injuries.

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