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2021 and Going Forward

January 18th, 2022 by Stone

TLDR: Servers stay online. Existing leagues continue. No new leagues. Discord/Forums/Wiki going away. Can’t guarantee how long servers will stay up but no plans to shut them down.

Build 20332 was released on December 18 2020. Through all of 2021 I’ve really not had the real desire to move on any new developments nor have I actually had the time to look at fixing any technical issues unless it was a system-catastrophic type of thing.

I don’t foresee this changing in the coming year.

I’ve closed New League Creation some time ago as I felt that our trial runs were being abused and since I was not going to be actively working on anything new or trying to promote anything, I felt what was the point.

I’ve had a few relatively serious purchase inquiries, however, none of them had any intention of supporting existing leagues. I’m not interested in selling the engine nor am I interested in selling UHS to someone that will immediately shut down the servers.

So for the time being, we’re going to keep the servers up as long as possible, however, we’re going to be closing up shop in terms of supports and services. I may pull an about face in 2 days, and rekindle my passion for developing this program, however, only time will tell.

Here’s what this means for everyone:

New Leagues: No new leagues will be allowed.

Existing Leagues: The servers will continue to be left on until they are not. I do not have any plans on shutting the actual server off or stopping the jobs from running, so your existing leagues will continue to run until they don’t. While I’m not planning on shutting the site down, tomorrow I may find a better use for the server or just realize I can’t afford to nor want to be responsible for keeping the server up. Again, I am reiterating that I have no plans to shut it down.

Premium Users: If you paid for a monthly or yearly Premium account and IF we shut down, I will refund you what you last paid (if you paid for a year and you didn’t get a year or for a month and didn’t get a month, I’ll refund you the whole amount). There are a few leagues that are running on free (which is fine), those leagues can still upgrade to Premium.

Supports and Services: We’ll be shutting down a number of our support and service channels, actually, mostly all of them.

Discord: This will deleted on January 31, 2022.

Forums: I will be locking it down even further so no one can post, however, I may end up deleting it when Discord goes away.

UHS Wiki: I will be deleting the entire subdomain as this will be a security risk to keep it up and running. I would like to move that over to a static webpage (ie. not a true wiki), however, that requires time and I’m unsure when or if that will happen. I strongly urge you to copy the information on these pages ASAP.

Twitter & Twitch: Both of these accounts will not be monitored.

Email: I will still have the uhs AT hockeysim DOT ca address, however, I won’t be actively monitoring it. I cannot guarantee you that I will see your issue in any timely manner.

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