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UHS Build 20265

November 24th, 2020 by Stone

Fixed a few things, added a few things, updated a few things. A little is better than nothing, right?

Team Power Report Update

This report has been updated to replace the old Total, F, D, G data with five new methods of ranking teams. The new report showcases these methods of comparing team’s overall power.

Central: Compares each team as a percentage of the highest skilled team.

World: Factors in player skill along with the player’s age. Skill is weighted higher.

Freelance: Factors in the team’s overall skill and overall age. Age is weighted higher.

Examiner: Looks at each player on a team and then assigns them a letter grade based on the team’s overall mark.

Headline: Compares each teams players against other team players in a head-to-head matchup.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
  • Career Stats: Added a Position Dropdown that applies ONLY to Skater Statistics.
  • Career Stats: Added Goals Scored for Goaltenders.
  • An OT/SO indicator will now appear on the home page game results and league schedule.
  • Player/Goalie profile game log links will now correctly take you to the game log instead of the UHS home page.
  • Teams will no longer have an option to make Free Agent Offers or Permission Requests to coaches that were fired by the same team in the same season.
  • Coaches will no longer be able to “Lose the Room” if they are in their first season coaching with the team. “First Season” can be reset by firing the coach and not having them be the team’s coach for at least one full season.
  • Coaches should be able to be scouted from their profile page.
  • Fixed an issue where players with contract extensions would have abnormally large buy-out values.
Hot Fixes
  • Oct-23-2020: Fixed several issues with GM Team Finances not properly calculating projected revenue and team salaries.

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