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UHS Build 20205

October 23rd, 2020 by Stone

This is a small release to address display and calculation issues with how the Two-Way functionality is applied to players. We’re deploying this as a build instead of a hotfix as I’d rather get this out to all league and save points, although this really does only affect UI displays.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes

– Waivers: fixed an issue where the player’s owner was not being displayed.
– Team Personnel: Coaches will now be shown with their Salary Hit.
– Coach Salaries: If the league has Coach Salaries Apply to Salary Cap enabled, farm team coach salaries will be calculated at 100% instead of the Farm Salary Pct.
– Team Personnel: Players with salaries over the Two-Way Value will have their salaries demarked with an asterisk. ex: $3.9*.
– Salary Projections: Players with salaries over the Two-Way Value will now have their salaries displayed properly.
– Reports: Team Finances & Salaries: Salary calculations have been corrected to account for players over the Two-Way Value.
– Buy-Out Values: fixed an issue where buying out a player during the regular season would only see that 1 game was played instead of the actual number of games played.
– Buy-Out Values: This value will now account for players with salaries over the Two-Way Value.
– Contract Extensions: Buying out contract extensions will now consider whether the extended salary is over the Two-Way Value.
– Awards are now shown on the Hall of Fame page.

Hot Fixes

– Oct-14-2020: Fixed an issue where Contract Alerts were not sorted by Pro/Farm/Junior.

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