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UHS Build 20176

October 13th, 2020 by Stone

Is 2020 over yet? I’m not sure that 2021 could be any worse. Can it? By uttering those words have I challenged 2021 to outdo 2020? Sorry.

AutoGM Medical Options

The AutoGM will now be allowed to select a Medical Facility. The MedFac purchase can only happen once in a season and cannot be greater than 30% of the AutoGM’s current Account Balance. The MedFac purchase will consider the 25% gains from the sale of any old MedFac owned.

The AutoGM will also attempt to heal any injured or sick players starting with the players with the highest skill. To ensure the AutoGM won’t blow through it’s finances we are going to limit the number of healing attempts per player in a given season to a number heavily influenced by their Total skill.

Number of Attempts / Season for a player = RoundDown(Player Total Skill / 30) + 1. The AutoGM will make 4 attempts at the most for a player with skill 90+.

The number of attempts made for each player will reset each season. Healing attempts will only happen during Pre-Season, Regular Season, or PlayOffs.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes

Fixed an issue where the UI would not display properly when creating new media articles.
– Ledger entries now have Medical or Lawyer text in the description.
– Players that are Injured, Suspended, or Sick can no longer be bought out or released from a team.
– Players that are Sick can no longer be moved between Pro, Farm, and Junior levels.
– In the Schedule, game dates will now include the Day of the Week.
– Assigning Awards: Retired Players will now appear in the Player List with a “(ret)” note.
– At some point we added Salary / Contract fields to the Create Single Player form.

Hot Fixes

– Jul-18: Fixed an issue where the team logo was not appearing on the player/coach profile if the logo was a direct URL.
– Jul-31: Fixed an issue where some new leagues would not be able to use the auto drafter in Season 1 if they were Premium.
– Aug-3: Fixed an issue where team links on the Upcoming schedule in the a Team’s home page were broken.
– Aug-4: Fixed an issue where GMs could not offer coach contracts if the Farm Permission Requests setting was set to 0.
– Aug-18: Fixed an issue where a created player with a Salary / Contract set would have their Sal/Con reset to 0.

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