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UHS Build 20118

April 30th, 2020 by Stone

Significant Development Changes Going Forward
I am committed to keeping the service in one piece: I am not interested in selling the engine or just outright gutting the system to leave existing leagues hanging out to dry. However, we need to be realistic in what the expectations are in terms of support and future developments / improvements.

I’ve gone through all development wishlist items and have removed those that are either going to take far too long or are not in the scope of what is going to be done for the system. From 84 on the list, we are down to 29.

Additionally, I will retiring the support ticket system in the very near future. Methods for getting support for UHS will be limited to using the UHS Wiki, asking knowledgeable folks on Discord, or sending an email to uhs@hockeysim.ca. Response times will vary and will be dependent on the severity of the issue.

A word on Discord use: please do not ping (or direct message) me unless you REALLY need to get my attention. Admittedly there is not a lot of documentation, and the system is very much a trial and learn experience. Asking in #uhs-general is probably your best course of action. There are MANY people there that can probably help you out quicker than I can.

I will be focusing solely on small improvements and keeping the system stable. You should not be expecting anything large or ground-breaking. My goal is to keep the system in a solid spot so it can survive with minimal to no administration.

PlayOff Series Deletions
I’ve fixed an issue where a duplicate series could not be deleted if the original series already had games completed. If your league is NOT in the playoffs currently, you can stop reading here.

If your league is CURRENTLY in the PlayOffs, you will see that most, if not, ALL, your series will have the option to delete them. I STRONGLY advise you to DO NOT delete these series as it will affect what shows up on the PlayOff Tree in the stats section and could adversely affect the creation of new series if you are using automatic series creation.

All created playoff games going forward will have the Series ID added to the table so we can differentiate games between identical series, however, we are not going to be adding the ID retroactively.

It is possible (likely) that you may need to create your playoff series manually for the current season. Again, this only really impacts leagues in the PlayOffs currently. Once you are out of the PlayOffs everything should be back to normal.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
Fixed an issue where a player’s stats would not be updated to reflect their new team if they were released and then signed by a new team during a season.
– PlayOffs: Bye Series can now be deleted.
– PlayOff Series: Fixed an issue where duplicated series could not be deleted if the original series already had games completed.
– All-Star Game Line Errors: Fixed an issue where a line error could be present for an All-Star Team (in Single Game mode), however, the Sim Game button would still be available.
– Added a check for any open / pending Trade Offers for players that would be involved in free agency. This applies only to UFAs. RFAs will still be allowed to be traded.
– Fixed an issue where Accepting a Trade resulted in a blank page.
– removed debugging code from appearing on the Make Trade page.
– Fixed an issue where the Coach Rerate text was not being shown correctly on the profile page. Actual rerates were not affected.
– Fixed an issue where a player could be moved to the farm or junior team if they were a captain or alternate captain. Apr-30.

Hot Fixes
– Added an Unassigned Players report to show any player that currently is not owned by a team. Dec-17.
– Fixed an issue where the All-Star / International Game Settings would not save. Jan-20.
– Fixed an issue where players where the AutoFarmMove setting was mislabeled. Feb-6.
– Fixed an issue where higher skilled players were not being moved automatically to the pro team from the Farm or Juniors if the MaxFarmAge and MaxFarmSkill settings were applicable. Feb-6.
– Fixed an issue where Team Records vs Opponents would show incorrect values for OTW, OTL, SOW, SOL for Playoff records. Feb-20.
– Fixed an issue where the AutoGM would incorrectly make waiver claims on players in cases where the player had the same total skill and age but a higher salary than the comparison player on their own team. This resulted in a continual selection – removal loop. Feb-27.
– Fixed an issue where teams with a negative balance were unable to sell their lawyer facilities if purchasing a $0 lawyer and it still left them in a negative balance. Mar-9.
– Fixed an issue where the slapshot competition could cause single all-star games to hang. Mar-9.
– Added Player’s ProOwn team to the Unprotected Players report. Apr-25.

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