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HockeySim.ca For Sale

January 7th, 2020 by Stone

As I’ve posted in our discord, I’ve recently begun reaching out to the developers of other hockey simulators and organizations to determine interest in purchasing Ultimate Hockey Simulator.

Last year as a very bad year for me health-wise and while things stabilized towards the end of the year, I’m feeling my progression begin to pick up again. There is a huge laundry list of new developments and a handful of non-critical issues that have been lingering for quite a while.

It’s time for me to go and find someone that can take UHS, continue developing it and hopefully take things to new heights. I have a price already set in mind, however, that is 100% open to negotiation, depending on the party.

Rest assured, I would rather keep UHS AS-IS and do no development on it than sell it to someone that only wants the website name and just shuts it all down. In the case of “no sale”, then that will be the status quo. The forums and ticketing systems will likely be shut down and only critical issues would be addressed (think: server crashed, no one can log in, etc).

I love this simulator as most of you do. It fits into a unique space on the web and while there’s not a ton of help documentation, I think it’s one of the best sims of it’s kind on the web, even to this day.

This is NOT an easy decision for me at all, and I’m sure this has caught most of you by surprise. I’ve never hidden my health issues, in fact, to many folks chagrin, I’ve talked about it too much. The time is come and this is how I’m going to be proceeding.

TLDR: My health sucks and is getting worse. I want to sell to an interested SERIOUS party that wants to keep the site online. In the case of no-sale, we’ll only be dealing with critical issues and it will sit here as-is until I’m dead.

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