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UHS Build 20000 – Unleash the Kraken!

September 2nd, 2019 by Stone

On March 26, 2011, we signed up for a VPS with our previous host. According to my invoices, we moved to a dedicated server (same host) around January of 2015. This really let us get (mostly) full access to all the server resources and go hard core on the cron jobs, SavePoint management, and overall improved our ability to deliver a better, stronger simulator.

Flash forward to 2019, another 4+ years and here we are again.

It’s been a while but we’ve moved to another server. Over the course of our development, we have moved due to UHS continuing to outgrow our servers. We add more functionality and find that the server is just not capable of handling what we need.

This time it’s a little different. We decided to move because of our costs. Our server at Dreamhost cost close to $300 / month due to a whole host of services that they offered. While Dreamhost was a great place to learn and grow from, we’ve found that overall we were spending more money than we should have.

We’ve since found a new host that is a third of the cost. An additional plus, is that the new server is MUCH more powerful and has a lot more resources than our old one. There was no “upgrade” mechanism at Dreamhost, so the old specs stayed with us while everyone else’s tech got better and cost less.

Overall, I didn’t want to move, but the money was killing me. Faster, stronger, costs less?  Yes, please.

Premium Subscriptions

We will be granting all premium subscriptions an extra month due to the downtime. This is easy to do on the UHS side, however, it is NOT easy on the PayPal side of things. Unfortunately the only way to give away a free month of Premium is to cancel everyone’s PayPal subscriptions, otherwise you’ll all just be charged again next month.

Once your Premium subscription has expired, please feel free to re-sub if you find value in those features.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes

There has been a few things changed but they should mainly be behind-the-scenes to ensure that UHS will run correctly on the new server.

Hot Fixes

  • Options for 1 player and 5 players have been added to the Add Multiple Players dropdown in the Manage Players area. June 3 2019.
  • Creating media articles has been disabled for user accounts that have not been assigned to a team. June 4 2019.
  • Fixed an issue where player rerates would happen on Season 2 even if Rerates were disabled. June 7 2019.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong description was being used for the Entry Draft Contract Settings. July 18 2019.

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