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UHS Build 15558 – The New Normal

May 31st, 2019 by Stone

UHS Build 15558 – May 31 2019

Congratulations to Boston and St.Louis for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals!

As referenced in the previous build, future builds are going to very small going forward. While I’m aiming to get a build out once a month, I cannot guarantee that. Unfortunately this is the new normal. Something is better than nothing, right?

This build I continued to plug away at the All-Star balloting system and did a Short development + some bug fixes.

Position Changes Over Max
Teams will now be allowed to pay a fee when opting to make extra Player Position Changes. The COM can set this value to whatever they want, however, the default is set to $1 trillion (999,999,999,999.00) so that leagues will have to actively set this to a lower value in order to activate it for their GMs.

Entry/Inaugural Draft Completion
Leagues will no longer be able to move past the Off-Season until their Entry or Inaugural Draft has been completed. Free Agency relies on the Draft being complete. Previously we allowed leagues to continue on as they handled their drafts outside of UHS, however, it’s better overall for system processes to have the drafts managed completely in UHS.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
– In the Champions list, the number of championships a team has won will appear beside their name in brackets.

– A league’s Target Ticket Price will appear in the Settings > General > Max Ticket Price setting description.
– Fixed a bug in Team finances that did not show the proper projected Trade Revenue received.
– Fixed an issue where team scouting reports for players drafted using the COM’s draft pick tool were not getting updated to show their true scouting reports for their new teams.
– Fixed an issue where assigning a player using the Edit Player function would not properly assign the player to their team.
– Fixed an issue where assigned a coach using the Edit Coach function would not properly assign the coach to their team.

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the Roster Validation page was considering retired players in the position summary list. Apr-29.


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