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UHS Build 15519 – Maintenance Mode: Thank You For All Your Support!

April 24th, 2019 by Stone

UHS Build 15519 – April 24 2019
The plan for this build was to release an in-system method for handling league All-Star Voting. At the time of this release I’d say I’m about half-way done. It’s taken nearly 4 months to get to this point, which is far too long since the last build was released.

Unfortunately, this is directly a result of my health degrading rapidly since January. For those that know, I have had ALS for some 20+ years; fortunately it was very SLOW in progression. For some reason, that has sped up dramatically and has affected the use of my hands. I can still code and type, however, I’m fumbling a LOT; lots of typos, grammar and syntax errors simply due to fatigue and hand responsiveness. I will be looking into some voice to text options, however, my stutter may be a hinderance in this area.

Going forward, the focus for UHS will primarily be maintenance and small / quick developments. I don’t believe its fair to proceed business as usual when it is clearly not. It is certainly possible for the progression to slow again, in which time I will re-evaluate my ability to add new developments for the simulator.

I will be doing a review of all current UHS Development / Wishlist Items and either remove them from the list or mark them as “Long-term”: It’s an item I would like to do but the scope of it is very large so it likely wouldn’t be done anytime soon, in most cases it’ll be buried when compared against short-term items.

Our Facebook page will be “closed” in that this will be the last post there. All future communications will be through Discord and blog posts on our site, with an occasional tweet here and there.

I appreciate all the testing, feedback, and passion you have all brought to the table. It has kept me going for years. I never would have imagined that UHS would have progressed to this point back when I first started coding it in 2003. Thank you all so much.

Download All Players
A new Download All Players button will show up for COMs+ in the Manage > Players list. This will allow you to download all players to a CSV file with the following information: PlayerID, Jersey, FirstName, LastName, Position, Hand, Age, Height, Weight, Country, Salary, Contract, AG, QK, PW, FA, IJ, PN, SK, PS, PC, CH, SH, Total, Chem, FI.

Please be aware that this can only be accessed by COMs or higher and will show the exact value of the players’ skills, even for leagues that have skills hidden.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
– Added a warning about setting medical options when changing from Pre-Season to Regular Season.

– Updated Team Power report to use the per-player average instead of the sum of skills.
– The Team Finances report has been renamed Finances.
– When assigning an award, active players will now be sorted by LastName, FirstName instead of only LastName.
– Fixed an issue where the All-Star Team Personnel links would take the user to an incorrect page if the All-Star game was in two-team mode (non-tournament).
– Fixed an issue where the submit button for Addding an Award said Add Arena.
– Fixed an issue where the submit button for Assigning an Award said Import.
– The COM alert for low ticket prices will now take you directly to the Max Ticket Price field.
– The COM alert for teams with roster/line errors will now only show teams that have playable games in the current Season and SeasonType.
– Fixed an issue where games would not show up on the Play Games screen after being played or queued.
– Fixed an issue where messages from the League Wall will get deleted even if you Cancel.
– Facebook widgets have been removed from the regular and public sites.
– The Discord widgets have been replaced with the official discord widget instead of the homebrewed widget.

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where Pre-Season schedules that started on Sundays would have all subsequent game days scheduled for Sundays even if other days of the week were selected. Jan-17 2019.

– Fixed an issue where teams were not being charged for Medical maintenance fees during the season changeover. Jan-17 2019.
– Fixed an issue where clicking the Retract button on a Waiver Claim would bring the user to an empty page. Jan-19 2019.
– Fixed an issue where an error would happen when buying out player contracts for players with apostrophes in their name. Jan-20 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the Team Power report was adding Defense power twice for skills shown leagues and corrected an issue where the Forward power was being displayed in the Defense column. Jan-21 2019.
– Fixed an issue where skater injuries would not happen if Career Injuries was enabled. Also increased the chance per check received from 1% to 3% for an injury check to happen. Jan-21 2019.
– Fixed an issue where drafted players were still appearing in the GM Draft List. Jan-22 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the Public Sites rules page would show a 0 for the Career Injury setting. Jan-24 2019.
– Removed the Rival option in Edit Teams when the season is not in the Off-Season. Jan-24 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the AutoGM was able to sign multiple coaches for their farm team. Jan-25 2019.
– Fixed an issue where a GM could potentially make more claims than allowed. Jan-26 2019.
– Added extra messaging to Copy Codes as some errors were not displaying on the screen. Jan-27 2019.
– Fixed an issue where retired coaches would appear when looking at a pro team’s personnel page. Jan-27 2019.
– Adjusted the GM Trade List screen to hide the Date and use the team abbreviation for small screens. Jan-27 2019.
– Fixed an issue where All-Star cities were not being shown by their seed rank and corrected an issue with the wrong seed movement buttons showing up. Jan-27 2019.
– Fixed an issue where team logos were not appearing in the Leading Players & Leading Goalies stats page. Jan-27 2019
– The Target Ticket price has been adjusted downward to a place where some teams may not generate enough revenue through the season. Too many teams were generating excessive profits where the aim is to have a balance between winning & losing teams. Jan-27 2019.
– Increased the player skills in trades between AutoGMs to increase the likelihood of a hold-out player being moved. This only affects hold-out transactions between two AutoGM teams. Feb-1 2019.
– Fixed an issue where using the MassMove feature allowed GMs to move skilled players to the junior team. Feb-4 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the button text for adding new medical options said Create Lawyer. Feb-4 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the AutoGM was allowed to perform player training outside the OffSeason/PreSeason window. Feb-8 2019.
– Updated the Target Ticket price upward as too many teams were losing money. Going forward we will be making minute adjustments behind the scenes but may not necessarily notify everyone. Feb-10 2019.
– Fixed an issue where Suspended or Sick players with 1 game remaining would not be shown on the Team Overview page. Feb-14 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the selection check-mark does not appear for Lawyers or Medical for GMs during the Regular Season and Playoffs. Feb-14 2019.
– Fixed an issue where farm coaches were always requesting permission if their team was 0.650+ win.pct or higher even if they had already requested it during the season. Feb-19 2019.
– Fixed an issue where farm coaches were still requesting permission if their games were being played in Live Game Mode. Feb-21 2019.
– Fixed an issue where the Captain or Assistant Captain designation did not get stripped from players when trading with the AutoGM. Feb-23 2019.
– Fixed an issue that prevented games from being played queued if eliminated or inactive playoff teams had a roster issue. Mar-4.
– Released code to add team links from the play games page. Mar-4.
– Fixed an issue where players in some leagues could not be selected for the GM Draft List. Mar-7.
– Fixed an issue where selected players were not appearing in the GM’s Draft List. Mar-7.
– Fixed an issue where Away teams winning by a shoot-out were not getting their SOW standings updated (only applies if SOW Pts is not the same as Regulation Pts). Mar-12.
– Fixed an issue where AutoGM finances were not being updated for Player Training costs. Mar-17.
– Fixed an issue where teams without any players were not showing up on the Roster Validation screen. Mar-17
– Fixed an issue where the AutoGM was purchasing Makeweights to fill a game roster spot despite having a free agent bid accepted. The AutoGM will still create Makeweights if there is not enough time between now and Midnight of their next scheduled game. Mar-17.

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