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UHS Build 20332

Several small changes added as well as a few hot fix deployments. Very likely this will be the last official build deployment for the year. If my current routine holds up we’ll continue adding in the smaller changes, with build deployments going out once a month. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Have a SAFE holiday season…. […]

UHS Build 20265

Fixed a few things, added a few things, updated a few things. A little is better than nothing, right? Team Power Report Update This report has been updated to replace the old Total, F, D, G data with five new methods of ranking teams. The new report showcases these methods of comparing team’s overall power. […]

UHS Build 20205

This is a small release to address display and calculation issues with how the Two-Way functionality is applied to players. We’re deploying this as a build instead of a hotfix as I’d rather get this out to all league and save points, although this really does only affect UI displays. Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes […]

UHS Build 20176

Is 2020 over yet? I’m not sure that 2021 could be any worse. Can it? By uttering those words have I challenged 2021 to outdo 2020? Sorry. AutoGM Medical Options The AutoGM will now be allowed to select a Medical Facility. The MedFac purchase can only happen once in a season and cannot be greater […]

UHS Build 20142

This is a small build with a few small developments added including allowing GMs to change Jersey numbers, adding notifications for Coach contracts and Losing the room, as well as adding in options to change the Junior Superstar Percentage to lower than 1%. Some hotfixes and bug fixes are in here as well. Bug Fixes […]

UHS Build 20118

Significant Development Changes Going ForwardI am committed to keeping the service in one piece: I am not interested in selling the engine or just outright gutting the system to leave existing leagues hanging out to dry. However, we need to be realistic in what the expectations are in terms of support and future developments / […]

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